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Check Your Service & Support Coverage
Review your Rotimatic warranty status and eligibility to purchase
and extend your coverage.
How To Find Your Rotimatic Machine Number
Look at the sticker behind your Rotimatic, you will find the machine number just below the barcode. The machine number looks like ‘ZMXXXXXXXXXXX’
Machine Number
Got it!
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Check Warranty
Your Rotimatic Service & Support Coverage
Your Rotimatic machine number
Rotimatic Warranty Coverage
Starts on 22-07-2020
Expires on 22-08-2021
Extend Coverage by Extend
Extends your coverage up to 3-years beyond the base 1 year warranty period
We are still here for you! If you have a software issue, rest assured that you are eligible for troubleshooting throughout the lifetime of your machine via our support channels. For hardware issues, you are eligible for repair or replacement at no additional cost upon approval.
You are not eligible to purchase extended warranty. You already have the maximum coverage on your machine
We are still here for you! If you have a software issue, rest assured that you are eligible for troubleshooting throughout the lifetime of your machine via our support channels. For hardware issues, repair or replacement is available at additional cost.
Buy Coverage & Extend Your Warranty
International Warranty
International Warranty
International Warranty
International Warranty
International Warranty
International Warranty
Your extended warranty will start from the expiry date of your current warranty
Note: Warranty comes with a premium price since you are buying after 6 months of the warranty start date.

More About Rotimatic Care+ Coverage

Every Rotimatic comes with 1-year of complete hardware and software coverage. With RotimaticCare+ you can extend your warranty coverage for up to 3 more years so you can continue enjoying your Rotimatic worry-free.
Hardware coverage with Service at your Doorstep
  • Covers repairs and replacements for all hardware defects.
  • Product with hardware issue will either be repaired or replaced.
  • Free pickup and delivery at your doorstep.
  • User installable parts are not covered under warranty : Storage containers (flour, water and oil), kneading parts, cleaning kit, kicker, front door and power cord.
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Software support with Remote Troubleshooting
  • Swift troubleshooting of software issues via Cloud by experts, almost instantly, in the comfort of your home.
  • 24 X 7 access to our technical experts via app chat.
  • Request a video call with our technical experts via the App.
  • Speak to our support agents with a callback appointment.
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International Coverage so you move worry-free
  • International coverage with full support in countries we serve.
  • One-time exchange of original product with a refurbished product in the event of reallocation to a country we serve, to comply with different voltage requirements (if under warranty).
  • In case of an exchange due to reallocation, a shipping & handling fee of USD 299 will apply. (Refer to Terms of Sale)
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Doorstep repair and replacement process

What is a Rotimatic Nuti Mix?

Rotimatic Nuti Mixes are sachets of 100% natural powders made of robust and nutritious ingredients like spirulina, spinach, beetroot, rice bran, and healthy herbs and spices. Add these sachets to flour used in your Rotimatic to enhance the nutrition of your rotis.

Why are there so many types of these mixes?

There are four mixes formulated with different ingredients recommended for specific use. For example, the Green Goddess mix is an iron-rich formulation that helps women boost their nutritional intake, while the Little Superheroes mix is for young children who need that extra in their food.

How do you use these mixes?

These mixes are in dry, powder form and should be added to flour used in your Rotimatic robotic roti maker. Just mix one part with five-part of your favorite flour, stir well and add it to the flour container in your Rotimatic.